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predominate vs dominate

Another word for predominate. Find more ways to say predominate, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Synonym for dominant Predominant is above everything else. Examples of predominant chords are the subdominant (IV, iv), supertonic (ii, ii°), Neapolitan sixth and German sixth. Dominent: key/leading/most important. nant (prĭ-dŏm′ə-nənt) adj. NBA Finals: Spurs dominate Heat in Game 3 NBA Finals: Spurs dominate Heat in Game 3 by Brian Mahoney The Associated Press Published Jun 12, 2013 08:45AM MDT San Antonio • From big 3s to Big Three, the Spurs had it all in the NBA Finals’ raucous return to San Antonio. Dominate Definition: be larger in number, quantity, power, status or importance. Say you are talking about something's features, it could have dominant features, that are easily noticeable; predominant is the absolute first thing you notice because it is SO noticeable. Most common or conspicuous; main or prevalent: "Egrets, gulls and small mammals are the predominant wildlife on the island these days" (Dan McCoubrey). Back to Confusing words index. The Dominate is the name sometimes given to the "despotic" later phase of imperial government, following the earlier period known as the "Principate", in the ancient Roman Empire.This phase is more often called the Tetrarchy at least until 313 when the empire was reunited.. As a noun predominant is (music) a subdominant. As a verb predominate is to dominate, … To my understanding, predominantly means that majority (more than 50% would be my assumption, I'm not an expert on statistics) of a given ratio is present. Predominate definition, to be the stronger or leading element or force. For example: The most predominant colour in this room is beige. Predominant definition is - having superior strength, influence, or authority : prevailing. predominant vs. predominate Synonym Discussion of predominant. See more. 1. Examples: Her husband completely dominates her. Get it now. For example: Newspapers play a dominant role in shaping public opinion. … Answer: They are often interchangeable. Dominant may be more used in influence. Predominant. the most predominant colour in this room is beige. Published: 11 Mar, 2018. Examples: the predominant mood among policy-makers is optimism. e.g. Dominant vs. Predominant. VS. It just depends on the context where you're using them. Having the most importance, influence, or force: the predominant theory in the field. e.g. How to use predominant in a sentence. And. Smoking is the predominant cause of lung disorders. newspapers play a dominant role in shaping public opinion. The United States uses a lot of energy – trailing only China, by one estimate.As public concern about climate change continues to grow and energy policy becomes a key issue in this year’s political campaigns, we wanted reliable, baseline information on how the U.S. gets and uses energy, and how those trends have been changing recently. In music theory, a predominant chord (also pre-dominant) is any chord which normally resolves to a dominant chord. In simple terms, this means most, but not all. As adjectives the difference between predominant and predominate is that predominant is common or widespread; prevalent while predominate is (nonstandard) predominant. Views: 737. download. 2. Predominant: might be used more to mean 'more frequent' or 'more common'. VS. Predominant Definition: most frequent or common. Get Ginger; Predominant might be used more to mean 'more frequent' or 'more common'.

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