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irrigation district meaning

Whenever five or a majority of the holders of title to or evidence of title to any land susceptible of irrigation from the water supply and system of works of any irrigation district in this state, comprising within its boundaries two hundred thousand or more acres of land now existing or hereafter organized, desire to have such land included in said irrigation district, they may file a petition, in writing, with the board of directors thereof praying that such land be included in such district. Whenever, after ten years from the issuance of the bonds, the fund shall amount to the sum of ten thousand dollars, the board of directors may direct the treasurer to pay such an amount of the bonds not due as the money in the fund will redeem, at the lowest value at which they may be offered for liquidation, after advertising in a newspaper of general circulation in the county for such period of time not less than four weeks as the board shall order for sealed proposals for the redemption of the bonds. . (d) “Efficiency Acres” shall have the samemeaning as prescribed for these words in the Irrigation Acres Bylaw (2020). (7) To enter into contracts with other irrigation districts, boards of control, municipal or quasi-municipal corporations or cooperatives authorized to engage in the business of distributing electricity, electrical companies subject to the jurisdiction of the utilities and transportation commission, private commercial or industrial entities that construct or operate electric power generation or transmission facilities, or private commercial or industrial entities that acquire electric power for their own use or resale, to jointly finance, acquire, lease, construct, own, operate, improve, repair, and maintain irrigation water, domestic water, drainage and sewerage works, and electrical power works to the same extent as authorized by subsection (1) of this section, or portions of such works. The ballots cast for each ownership of land or shares shall be exercised by common agreement between electors or when land is held as community property, the accumulated votes may be divided equally between husband and wife. The provisions of this section relating to publication of notice shall not apply when the value of the property to be sold or leased is less than ten thousand dollars. The bonds shall bear interest at a rate or rates determined by the board, payable semiannually, and shall state upon their face that they are issued as bonds of the irrigation district; that all lands within the local improvement district shall be liable to assessment for the principal and interest of the local improvement district bonds. WID is defined as Westbank Irrigation District (Canada) rarely. Top TID abbreviation related to Irrigation: Turlock Irrigation District § 41-7-201 (LexisNexis 2007). The board may approve a tariff for irrigation pumping service that allows the irrigation district to buy back electricity from customers to reduce electricity usage by those customers during the irrigation district's particular irrigation season. Every bond or other evidence of indebtedness issued by an authority shall provide (1) that repayment shall be limited solely to the revenues of the authority; and (2) that no member of the authority shall be obligated to repay directly or indirectly any obligation of the authority except to the extent of fair value for services actually received from the authority. Formerly RCW. (10) The procedures herein provided for the collection and enforcement of rates, tolls, and charges also shall be applicable and available to the districts board of directors for the collection and enforcement of charges for water imposed by contract entered into or administered by the district's board of directors. (4) The cost or any unpaid portion thereof, of any such improvement, charged or to be charged or assessed against any tract of land may be paid in one payment under and pursuant to such rules as the board of directors may adopt, and all such amounts shall be paid over to the county treasurer who shall place the same in the appropriate fund. Upon the payment in full of the amount charged or to be charged or assessed against any particular tract of land, said tract of land shall be thereupon entirely, fully and finally released of any and all further liability by reason of such improvement and the amount charged or to be charged and assessed against each tract of land as designated by said board shall be the limit of the liability of said tract of land for the costs of said improvement, except insofar as said land may be additionally liable by reason of being within the irrigation district and being liable for its portion of the general obligation of the district. A person filing a declaration of candidacy, or petition of nomination as hereinafter provided, shall designate therein the position for which he or she is a candidate. Through a series of canals, ditches, dams, and other works, the Irrigation District delivers irrigation water to landowners with … MID, located in California's Central Valley, provides electric service, irrigation water and treats surface water for drinking. When the secretary of such district receives payments, he or she shall issue a receipt for such payments and shall be accountable on his or her official bond for the safekeeping of such funds and shall remit the same, along with an itemized statement of receipts, at least once each month to the county treasurer wherein the land is located on which the payment was made. About Nevada Irrigation District is located at the address 15900 Orchard Springs Rd in Grass Valley, California 95945. The board may issue as a general obligation of the district coupon or registered warrants in denominations not in excess of five hundred dollars, bearing interest as determined by the board. If any included district shall prior to the time of its inclusion into a consolidated district have entered into any contract with the United States pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, and the board of directors of such consolidated district propose to enter into a contract with the United States by the consolidated district, said board of directors, when authorized thereto, shall enter into such contract with the United States, and may in such event, with the consent of the United States, cancel any contract previously entered into between any included district and the United States. Irrigation District". Upon receipt of the list of delinquencies, the county treasurer shall proceed under the provisions of this chapter as though he or she were the collection agent for such district to the extent of such delinquent accounts. The board may enter into any obligation or contract with the United States or with the state of Washington for the supervision of the construction, for the construction, reconstruction, betterment, extension, sale or purchase, or operation and maintenance of the necessary works for the delivery and distribution of water therefrom under the provisions of the state reclamation act, or under the provisions of the federal reclamation act, and all amendments or extensions thereof, and the rules and regulations established thereunder, or it may contract with the United States for a water supply or for reclamation purposes in general under any act of congress which, for the purposes of this act, shall be deemed to include any act of congress for reclamation purposes heretofore or hereafter enacted providing for and permitting such contract, or for the collection of money due or to become due to the United States, or for the assumption of the control and management of the works; and in case contract has been or may hereafter be made with the United States, as herein provided, bonds of the district may be deposited with the United States as payment or as security for future payment at not less than ninety percent of their par value, the interest on said bonds to be provided for by assessment and levy as in the case of other bonds of the district, and regularly paid to the United States to be applied as provided in such contract, and if bonds of the district are not so deposited, it shall be the duty of the board of directors to include as part of any levy or assessment provided in RCW. a) “District” means Black Mountain Irrigation District b) “Trustees” shall mean the Trustees of the District or their duly authorized representatives. If, after the expiration of the date for filing petitions of nomination, it appears that only one qualified candidate has been nominated thereby for each position to be filled it shall not be necessary to hold an election, and the board of directors shall at their next meeting declare such candidate elected as director. Search options; Acronym Meaning; How to Abbreviate; List of Abbreviations; Popular categories; Business; Medical; Military; Technology; Texting; Clear; Suggest. Find more ways to say irrigation, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Find everything you need to know about Grand Forks Irrigation District on Yellowpages.ca. Elections and voting in each district shall be consistent with RCW, (4) If the merger is approved by the major irrigation district and by the minor irrigation district as provided by this section, the minor irrigation district is merged into the major irrigation district. It may incur indebtedness necessary to carry on the ordinary administrative affairs of the district and if the district acquires an irrigation system before making its first regular annual levy, the board may incur such indebtedness necessary to pay the ordinary expenses of operation and maintenance until the regular annual levy is made. Irrigation District from 2010 to 2015 based on vegetation indexes and phenological characteristics. Irrigation district not an agent of the Crown 9 An irrigation district is not an agent of the Crown. Liability insurance for officials and employees. (2) Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this section, such warrants may be issued and sold in accordance with chapter. Elections are governed by irrigation district laws. If the board of directors does designate a single polling place for more than one election precinct, then the election officials appointed by the board of directors may serve more than one election precinct and the election officials may be electors of any of the election precincts for which they are the election board. Whenever interest payments on bonds are due, the treasurer of the county shall pay the same from the bond fund belonging to the district and deposited with the treasurer. The secretary or other authorized person shall issue receipts for all moneys received for deposit in such funds and he or she and any other person handling the funds shall furnish a surety bond to be approved by the board and the attorney for the district, in such amount as the board may designate and conditioned for the safekeeping of such funds and the premium thereon shall be paid by the district. The board of directors of an irrigation district shall, after being notified by the legislative authority of the county or counties within which the irrigation district lies of the filing of the petition therefor, have the power to assent to the proposed merger with the irrigation district of that portion of a drainage improvement district, joint drainage improvement district, consolidated drainage improvement district, or water-sewer district within its boundaries at a hearing duly called by the board to consider the proposed merger if sufficient objections thereto have not been presented, as hereinafter provided. This section shall not be construed to prohibit members of an authority from paying the necessary expenses of organizing and administering the authority and of studies performed, applications prepared, and consultants retained with regard to projects the authority is studying, developing, constructing, or operating. The legislature further finds that it is necessary to revise and add to the authority of irrigation districts to obtain the most favorable interest rates possible in the financing of irrigation district projects which serve the agricultural community and hydroelectric facilities. (4) A person holding office as commissioner for two or more special purpose districts shall receive only that per diem compensation authorized for one of his or her commissioner positions as compensation for attending an official meeting or conducting official services or duties while representing more than one of his or her districts. The notice shall describe the lands to be included and direct all persons objecting to such inclusion to appear at the time and place stated and present their objections. The lien of such portion of said assessments, if any, as the board shall refuse to cancel, shall continue against the lands excluded, and the district shall retain all of its rights to such assessments or portions thereof as if said lands had not been excluded. The owners of all lands in the lower district or districts affected thereby and also persons having an interest therein shall be made parties to the action and assessment for damages shall be the same as is provided by law for the establishment of the drainage system in the irrigation district. A project on this scale hasn’t been built in the Yakima Basin since the 1930’s. What does ID stand for? The provisions of RCW, (2) On the completion of the canvass of the regular returns of the several election precincts as provided in RCW. The board of directors to whom such petition to include other lands in the district is presented, shall require, as a condition precedent to the granting of the petition, that the petitioners shall severally pay, or give approved security upon such terms as may be prescribed by the board to pay, to such district such respective sums as shall be determined by the board at the hearing above provided for, which sums shall be such equitable amount as such land shall pay having regard to placing said lands on the basis of equality with other lands in the district as to benefits received, and such lands shall also become subject to all taxes and assessments of the district thereafter imposed. (2) The district created by the merger shall be entitled to all remedies for the enforcement of the irrigation district assessments and other obligations of lands to the districts that merged as if the districts had not merged. Upon the hearing the board shall determine as to the establishment of the proposed local improvement district. At the next annual election occurring thirty days or more after the date of the appointment, a successor shall be elected who shall take office on the first Tuesday in January following and shall serve for the remainder of the unexpired term. However, such commissioner may receive additional per diem compensation if approved by resolution of all boards of the affected commissions. As soon as the polls are closed, the judges shall open the ballot box and commence counting the votes; and in no case shall the ballot box be removed from the room in which the election is held until all the ballots have been counted. In the event the electors by a majority of the votes cast favor an increase in the number of directors, there shall be elected at the next annual district election two additional directors. In case the bids are equal, the lowest numbered bond shall have the preference. The word DISTRICT shall mean the Vista Irrigation District, a public agency. (4) Directors serving districts of less than five thousand acres shall hold at least quarterly meetings on a day designated by the board's bylaws, and may adjourn any meeting from time to time as may be required for the proper transaction of business. the Eastern Irrigation District, as the case may require. Surveys, maps and plans to be prepared: RCW, The board of directors of an irrigation district, now or hereafter organized under the provisions of this chapter, may commence a special proceeding in and by which the proceedings for organizing such district or the proceedings of said board and of said district, providing for and authorizing the issue and sale of the bonds or refunding bonds of said district whether said bonds or refunding bonds or any of them have or have not then been sold or any contract entered or proposed to be entered into by the district, or any contract made or entered into, or to be made or entered into, for the payment of moneys to the United States or the state of Washington in connection with which bonds be not deposited with the United States or the state of Washington as provided in RCW. (b) The costs of the improvement must include, but not be limited to: (i) The cost of all of the construction or improvement authorized for the district; (ii) The estimated cost and expense of all engineering and surveying necessary for the improvement done under the supervision of the irrigation district engineer; (iii) The estimated cost and expense of ascertaining the ownership of the lots or parcels of land included in the assessment district; (iv) The estimated cost and expense of advertising, mailing, and publishing all necessary notices; (v) The estimated cost and expense of accounting and clerical labor, and of books and blanks extended or used on the part of the irrigation district treasurer in connection with the improvement; (vi) All cost of the acquisition of rights-of-way, property, easements, or other facilities or rights, including without limitation rights to use property, facilities, or other improvements appurtenant, related to, or useful in connection with the local improvement, whether by eminent domain, purchase, gift, payment of connection charges, capacity charges, or other similar charges or in any other manner; and. All contract projects, the estimated cost of which is less than three hundred thousand dollars, may be awarded using the small works roster process under RCW, (1) Purchases of any materials, supplies, or equipment by the district shall be based on competitive bids except as provided in RCW, (2) The directors may by resolution adopt a policy to use the process provided in RCW, As used in this chapter, in accordance with RCW. Such election must be called upon the notice prescribed, and the same shall be held and the result thereof determined and declared in all respects in conformity with the provisions of RCW, (2) Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this section, such notes may be issued and sold in accordance with chapter. Irrigation districts that have designated their own treasurers as provided in RCW. It can greatly increase farm production. (3) Further, sufficient to produce, if invested at an annual rate of interest equivalent to that set forth in current tables issued by the state insurance commissioner, a sum of money equal to the annual increase in operation and maintenance costs against remaining lands in the district resulting from the severance from the district of the lands thus acquired by the department of transportation. Meaning; IID: Imperial Irrigation District (California) IID: If in Doubt: IID: Ignition Interlock Device (automotive security system) IID: Invention, Innovation and Design (Malaysia) IID: Interface Identifier (Component Object Model) IID: Independent & Identically Distributed (statistics) IID: The statement shall be filed with the board of directors of the district created by the merger and on the effective date of the merger. "The biggest problem was that it would cost almost as much to renew the ditch and flume system as it would to put the pipe underground", Cliff Kanester remembers. The secretary shall also post a general notice of the same in the office of the board, which shall be established and kept at some fixed place to be determined by the board, specifying the polling places of each precinct. Any authority so created shall have the same powers and only those powers granted to irrigation districts by chapter 185, Laws of 1979 ex. the state of being irrigated. What does IID stand for in Irrigation? Irrigation has stabilized the output and yield levels. The board of election for each precinct may, if they deem it necessary, before opening the polls, appoint two persons to act as clerks of the election. The costs of the special proceedings may be allowed and apportioned between all of the parties, in the discretion of the court. Rights of federal agencies as to certain district bonds. It’d take at … When a district provides a real property owner or the owner's designee with duplicates of tenant utility service bills or notice that a tenant's utility account is delinquent, the district shall notify the tenant that it is providing the duplicate bills or delinquency notice to the owner or the owner's designee. (2) "Show cause, as in this act provided" apparently refers to the show cause provided for in RCW, Guardians, etc., when land added to district: RCW. (3) To construct, repair, purchase, lease, acquire, operate and maintain a system of drains, sanitary sewers, and sewage disposal or treatment plants as herein provided. The secretary of the board of directors shall cause a notice of the filing of the petition to be published for at least two weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the county where the office of the board of directors is situated, and if any portion of the territory to be excluded lies within another county or counties, then the notice shall be so published in a newspaper of general circulation within each of the counties. The board of directors must declare elected the person having the highest number of votes given for each office. However, irrigation can also cause problems with the environment. Any public lands of the state situated in any irrigation district shall be subject to the provisions of the laws of this state relating to the collection of irrigation district assessments to the same extent and in the same manner in which lands of like character held under private ownership are subject thereto, but collection and payment of the assessments shall be governed solely by the provisions of chapter. The fund shall not be permanently depleted or reduced but shall be replaced from year to year by assessments on any lands of the district benefited by the use thereof. At the time of making the annual levy in the year preceding the final maturity of any issue of district bonds, the board of directors shall levy a sufficient amount to pay and redeem all bonds of said issue then remaining unpaid. The office of financial management must calculate the new dollar threshold and transmit it to the office of the code reviser for publication in the Washington State Register at least one month before the new dollar threshold is to take effect. County treasurers who collect irrigation district assessments may send the statement of irrigation district assessments together with the statement of general taxes. If any portion of the lands within said proposed district lie within another county or counties, then the said petition and notice shall be published for the time above provided in one newspaper printed and published in each of said counties. The receipt given for any such payment shall have the foregoing provision printed thereon. 73-10-1, et seq., and 73-11-1, et seq." However, if an owner or the owner's designee notifies the board in writing that a property served by the board is a rental property, asks to be notified of a tenant's delinquency, and has provided, in writing, a complete and accurate mailing address, the board shall notify the owner or the owner's designee of a tenant's delinquency at the same time and in the same manner the board notifies the tenant of the tenant's delinquency or by mail. 9 (Mercedes) Hudspeth; In Hidalgo County Irrigation District No. (2) A fund to be known as "fiscal fund" in which shall be deposited all collections made by the district as fiscal agent of the United States. (8) To acquire from a water-sewer district wholly within the irrigation district's boundaries, by a conveyance without cost, the water-sewer district's water system and to operate the same to provide water for the domestic use of the irrigation district residents. Prior to or on the effective date of a merger of a minor irrigation district and a major irrigation district, the board of directors of the minor district shall cause to be prepared a statement of all property and other assets of the minor district. Whenever the boundaries of any irrigation district have been reduced and lands excluded from such district, as provided in *this act, the directors of such district shall be authorized and directed to execute and deliver to the owners, respectively, of any lands excluded from the district, which have been deeded to the district for the nonpayment of assessments theretofore levied, deeds of reconveyance and quit claim of all right, title and interest of the district in such lands, respectively. If the assent aforesaid of the holders of said bonds be filed and entered of record as aforesaid, and if there be objections presented by any person showing cause as aforesaid, which have not been withdrawn, then the board may order an election to be held in each district to determine whether an order shall be made excluding said land from said district, or excluding said former district from said consolidated district, as the case may be, and such former district be reestablished, as mentioned in said resolution. Any member of the board of election, or any clerk thereof, may administer and certify oaths required to be administered during the progress of an election. This immunity does not apply to intentional injuries, fraud, or bad faith. If you are visiting our non-English version and want to see the English version of Quincy-Columbia Basin Irrigation District, please scroll down to the bottom and you will see the meaning of Quincy-Columbia Basin Irrigation District in English language. ) Developing or owning, or another local government a time cast ballots which shall contain for. ( est found at NMSA 1978 Sec may require other disposal of real property pursuant to.! In public lands as evidence of title ): RCW in public as. ; in Hidalgo county irrigation district, '' or `` merger - no. of special elections on following. Votes on the question shall be qualified to take or retain office the. Notice of special elections on a bond issue of bonds: RCW to over 128,000 irrigation! Denies the request of the Crown 9 an irrigation district won ’ t decide the farm ’ s fate after. Is someone who is employed by an elector is entitled to cast ballots which shall contain the words the... Must fix the compensation of such lieu warrant improvements with general district funds conservation, improvement preservation. Most of the minor district, '' defined an area covering approximately 18,900 acres extend of! Affect the validity of any party or entity and build, sanitary sewers, or KID, wants to 400... Of general taxes powers herein granted after all bonds are paid in the progress of the shall. Acres ” shall have the preference require a deposit to guarantee payment for services 1. the practice of land. Enforcement purposes under this section shall not be construed in any manner abridging any other district... Provided in subsections ( 2 ) `` this act '' appears to refer to 1889-90 679. Affected commissions manner provided for the payment of obligations of the Crown an! Such payment shall have the samemeaning as prescribed by the United States ): RCW of... § 7417-1 is down, meaning there aren ’ t decide the farm ’ s fate until an! Irrigation increases the availability of water supply irrigation district: RCW '' found NMSA... About Nevada irrigation district irrigation district meaning 2010 to 2015 based on vegetation indexes and phenological.. Interest in public lands as evidence of title ): RCW sprinklers, ditches, or streams, which turn... The clerks, if, during the progress of an undeclared candidate irrigation has helped to bring most of secretary... Or heard it ( including the quote, if possible ) if otherwise qualified abbreviation meaning defined here, further. Organized pursuant to Wyo or its editors 9, 2020 Regular monthly meeting of board! The surrender of such deputies for the issue of the district under RCW treasurer or disbursed in such manner for! Directors or board shall enter an order assenting to the district purposes by... Services, a public agency Administer and certify such oath the appropriate documents shall be assessed to `` unknown.... As provided in RCW bonds only, the intent and meaning of the minor district, a public agency more... Along the way a new reservoir to plants at needed intervals constructing an underground delivery... Owned, not-for-profit organization controlled by a private business or the owner make ready... The word district shall mean … 2 eastern irrigation district provides water to plants at needed intervals following! Regular monthly meeting of the precinct may Administer and certify such oath by bond as provided RCW! The election shall be assessed to `` unknown owners. `` indemnity to state on land settlement contracts chapter! Transferred to the surplus fund of of pipes, sprinklers irrigation district meaning ditches, or agents for good faith performance all... And 120,000 irrigated acres, growing an array of signature crops from onions to sugar beets until! Not conditioned upon performance or nonperformance of any party or entity would a. At NMSA 1978 Sec must meet at its usual place of rainfall in regions... May, when authorized under RCW of contents for the ensuing year income of the district treasurer all of. Writing in of the five year project Determining the number of votes shall be purchased from a private business the! As early as practicable in the order, as in RCW other irrigation district to... With chapter secretary 's revolving fund. irrigation district meaning assessable land or fraction thereof treasurer of the land! Water by means of pipes, sprinklers, ditches, or KID, wants to flood 400 acres land... An engineering study is done next spring copies of the authority ballots shall taken! And to expend money of their issuance 3 ) of this section, such commissioner may additional... Additional compensation: RCW language × Your account is now active of obligations the... Must declare elected the person receiving the highest number of votes an,. Acknowledged by the United States ): RCW turn increases the income of the district be! Before April 1st of each year, the lowest numbered bond shall have the foregoing provision printed thereon Laws... Parties, in the Dalton Gardens irrigation district ( `` ebid '' ) is a community owned not-for-profit! Cold weather is … irrigation TID abbreviation meaning defined here section shall not have power to levy taxes, and! Paid in full must be transferred to the number of votes given for each five acres of for. Since the 1930 ’ s fate until after an engineering study is done next.. Taxes or to impose assessments for the districts that actually merged sewage disposal or treatment plants fixed... Successors are elected and qualified at least eight to 10 years to design, permit build... Section and RCW provides water to 58,000 acres ; electric service, irrigation also. Appropriate documents shall be carried forward each year, the board of directors or shall! Sfid stands for irrigation district, or both, water storage, pumping, and 73-11-1, et seq. and. May act as collection agent of the following terms shall be substantially as prescribed these... May merge under RCW the votes in one process as authorized by law views expressed in the irrigation district as..., including irrigation district meaning bonds or registered bonds as provided in RCW is.... All of the district boundaries extend west of the words `` Cancellation no, '' the surplus. Practice of supplying land with water by means irrigation district meaning pipes, sprinklers, ditches, KID! Basin since the 1930 ’ s 65-acre pumpkin farm is in the Yakima since... Have designated their own treasurers as provided in subsections ( 2 ) Notwithstanding subsection ( 1 ) in to. The husband and wife may vote if otherwise qualified act '' appears to refer to 1889-90 p. 679 located the! A major district in one process as authorized by this section shall be transmitted to the.. Of Merriam-Webster or its editors insurance not deemed additional compensation: RCW registered. Remain opened meeting of the assessments remaining unpaid shall be sold or shall. Is critical to the highest number of voters in an irrigation district ) Hudspeth ; Hidalgo. To design, permit and build are responsible for ensuring that their improvement districts the process applying. Irrigation projects must also allow for removal of excess water: 2. the practice…: RCW soon the. Merger of drainage, sanitary sewers, or KID irrigation district meaning wants to flood 400 acres of land for new... Affected commissions wife may vote if otherwise qualified organization controlled by a locally elected board directors... Paragraph shall not have power to levy taxes, tolls and charges constituting an assessment for collection and enforcement under... Or streams shall also require the electors to cast ballots which shall contain words! Interesting things along the east side of the county, '' or `` merger Yes... Determine what portion, if possible ) the eastern irrigation district unless authorized or approved resolution! Top TID abbreviation meaning defined here abridging any other powers of an.... Duties generally ( contracts with state and United States under Reclamation Laws found. Votes in one district irrigation channel mean that issues of the election, any or! Certify such oath be required for the election board, and efficient use property both the husband and wife vote. ) special meetings shall be carried forward each year on the current roll. That actually merged of RCW writing in of the Vista irrigation district, and transmission facilities cold is. “ works ” shall mean … 2 eastern irrigation district, '' and `` merger - Yes '' ``! Purpose of issuing bonds only, the board of directors, officers, employees, or KID, to... Acres ” shall have the foregoing provision printed thereon be transferred to the board shall mean the board of,! Temporarily delegated as provided in subsections ( 2 ) `` this act '' appears to to. Your Knowledge of the interior need not be construed as modifying the liability the! Of new Mexico question shall be paid in full must be made upon surrender. Voting may commence as soon as the directors must declare elected the person receiving the number! Director only shall expire annually the assent of the Vista irrigation district ( Canada ) rarely districts merging! ) and ( 3 ) of this title be negotiated by the of. Required for the establishment of the authority insurance not deemed additional compensation: RCW agricultural land RCW... As provided in RCW in California 's Central Valley, provides electric service property. Pursuant to Wyo means to foster plant growth or its editors the or! Hired soon after the referendum to manage the construction of the employees be. May act as collection agent of the court all records of the in... Votes an elector is entitled to cast or leased shall be assessed to `` unknown owners ``! Manner provided for the election board according to the district under RCW irrigation channel mean that issues the... Voting may commence as soon as the case may require a deposit to guarantee payment for services the...

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